Secret Ponchos: How to Create a Polished Indie Game From Home

Vancouver indie studio Switchblade Monkeys proved that it’s possible to create a highly polished indie game with a small team working from home.

“A lot of times people come up to us and say that they didn’t realize our game was made by an indie team. We take that as a compliment!”

– Yousuf Mapara, Secret Ponchos’ creative director

In this 4th episode of Indie Games: Level Up! we meet the minds behind Secret Ponchos, a spaghetti western PVP (player versus player) fighting game released on PlayStation 4.

A new episode of Indie Games Level Up! will be posted here on Tuesday, July 21. Come back for more behind-the-scenes info on Canadian indie games or subscribe directly to the show’sYouTube channel or iTunes podcast.


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