This report presents a summary of the discussions and testimonials collected during the first edition of Emergence Lab, a Franco-Canadian laboratory dedicated to emerging and innovative forms of storytelling for new platforms. The laboratory was launched by the Embassy of France in Canada, in partnership with the Institut Français and the Banff Centre, and with the support of the Canada Media Fund.

The objective of this document is to facilitate the co-production of interactive, multiplatform projects between France and Canada and share the expertise and experience of producers, creators, broadcasters, and institutions in attendance during the 2014 edition of Emergence Lab: Boris Razon (France Télévisions), Hugues Sweeney (Office national du film du Canada), Margaux Missika (Upian), David Dufresne (author), Kevin Short (Ubisoft) et Jonathan Belisle (SAGA).

This report, which is the culmination of many discussions and testimonials collected during the residence program, outlines methodology, contextualization, a presentation of the primary issues and terms of collaboration between parties involved in France/Canada co-productions, and suggestions regarding tools and resources. It includes examples and links to a whole series of available resources.

This report was prepared and coordinated by Josette D. Normandeau (Idéacom International), Claire Le Proust (Fablabchannel), and Erika Denis (consultant).