Online TV Consumption in Canada

Duncan Stewart joins us in an interview on how faster internet speeds (such as fibre optic bandwidth) is changing the game of online TV consumption in Canada.

In Canada, Deloitte’s TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) Predictions is one of the most anticipated industry documents of the year. Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research for Deloitte Canada, shares his thoughts with us on the impacts of the growing online TV consumption in Canada due to the availability of faster internet speeds.

Fibre optic bandwidth is currently the fastest connection available globally. With Fibre optic providing speeds that can span to nearly 10 times faster than the average home and talk of affordable connections, this would mean content producers would have more opportunities to engage more eyeballs as devoted screen time from online viewers will undoubtedly rise.

In this three part interview, we cover topics that include:

1) Bandwidth Issue in Canada (faster internet super-speeds now available)

Interview questions:

  1. Describe this new super speed bandwidth available via fibre and how that differs from what is commonly available now in North America.
  2. How does the “last mile” of a fibre optic connection impact the quality of the speed?
  3. If the technology is available and capable, why is this type of super-speed not more commonly available?
  4. How does this type of technology impact the distribution and production of content?
  5. By having access to larger bandwidth, what kind of behavioural change can we expect from internet viewers?

2) Changing Behaviours in Content Consumption

Interview Questions:

  1. Does having a faster internet connection mean a likelihood of increased second-screen behaviour?
  2. How does this second-screen behaviour inform content producers?

3) The Canadian demographic Challenge

Interview question:

  • Is there an evident demographic audience who prefers consuming their video content online?

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