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Emily Claire Afan is a Toronto-based journalist who specializes in interactive and games coverage, and PR for games. She's an active member of the IGDA Toronto steering committee and handles publicity for Canada's games festival Gamercamp.
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Indie Games – Alternatives to Triple-As Coming from Everywhere

The “rise of the indies” in the gaming industry is nothing new for those who follow the business closely. And for those who don’t,...

Free-to-Play vs. Pay-to-Play: Successful Mobile Games that Break the Rules

The lucrative free-to-play (F2P) market is clearly tempting. But there’s more than F2P, as two Canadians pointed out at the recent (March 2013) Game Developers...

The Truth About User Acquisition

More games and apps than ever are entering the mobile market: One million+ just for Apple’s iOS and Google Play isn’t far behind with over 700,000. Great content...

How Content Delivery Plays with Game Technology

Current generation game consoles – Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii – have a lot more going for them than gaming....

An Ordinary Morning in 2030

What will a regular morning look like ten years from now? The Canada Media Fund’s Director of Industry and Market Trends, Catherine Mathys, pulls...