Interactive Ontario (IO) engaged Nordicity to undertake a study to better understand the companies that make up the Ontario interactive digital media (IDM) industry – and the impact those companies have in Ontario. 

This study builds on the previous iteration of Measuring Success: The Impact of the Interactive Digital Media Sector in Ontario, based on data from the 2015 fiscal year and released in 2017. This edition of the report is based on data from the 2017 fiscal year.

About this Report

This report is organized into a series of sections that present thematically organized information about the IDM industry in Ontario.

These sections are as follows:

Section 2: Profile of IDM Companies in Ontario provides an overview of IDM companies in Ontario, including age, business structure and ownership.

Section 3: Company Output: IDM Products and Services Made in Ontario looks at the types of experiences that IDM companies develop, the platforms on which these experiences are presented, and the target audiences for these products.

Section 4: Working in Ontario’s IDM Industry profiles the workforce, highlighting the distribution of employees across firms of various sizes, the seniority of the workforce, salaries, educational attainment, age, and gender.

Section 5: The Finances of Ontario’s IDM Industry offers an assessment of industry size, its sources of revenue, expenditures, and the implied profit margin, based on these data.

Section 6: Impacts of the IDM Industry in Ontario presents economic impact assessments for the companies that comprise the IDM industry and a separate assessment for their IDMrelated activities, followed by a discussion of other impacts that these companies have on the local economy and community.

Section 7: Challenges addresses the factors limiting growth as identified by IDM companies in Ontario.

Section 8: Conclusions and Key Findings presents a summary of key points from the previous sections.

Project Partners

Support for this project was provided by Ontario Creates, the Canada Media Fund, the City of Hamilton, the City of Toronto, the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), Humber College, RBC, Toronto Global, Ubisoft, Welch LLP and Ryerson University. We thank them for making this study possible.