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Canada Media Fund Key Trends Report 2020

Closer, Wider, Faster

The Canada Media Fund’s 2020 trends report in the audiovisual industry.

Making Sense of the Media Distribution Multiverse: Paths to Consumers, Key Concepts and Definitions

Making Sense of the Media Distribution Multiverse: Paths to Consumers, Key...

This guide presents a series of tables that map the main channels through which video, audio and interactive works can be distributed.

First Portrayal of Quebec’s Digital Creativity Industry

The aim of this study is to define the profile of a young and dynamic industrial sector, whose emergence over the past thirty years has been marked by accelerated growth in the last ten years.

Measuring Success: The Impact of the Interactive Digital Media Sector in...

Interactive Ontario (IO) engaged Nordicity to undertake a study to better understand the companies that make up the Ontario interactive digital media (IDM) industry – and the impact those companies have in Ontario.

Blockchain Technology and the Canadian Media Industry

Blockchains and their potential impact on the film, television, and digital media sectors. A research project undertaken by Telefilm Canada, the Canada Media Fund, and Badel Media, in collaboration with the Pôle médias HEC Montréal.

Trends Report 2019 – Hold My Hand

With each new round of technological transformation, the old familiar ways are falling away. They are being replaced by new opportunities that spring up regularly as a result of the constant upheaval – an instability that leads to experimentation and new ways of creating and distributing content.

Trends Report 2019 – Ch. 1: Technology and innovation

The creative process and human history are closely connected. Humans express their creativity by bringing to life what can be imagined. It would nonetheless seem that machines are capable of a certain form of creativity as well.

Trends Report 2019 – Ch. 2: Consumption habits

While OTT platforms continue to multiply and the consumption of online video smashes all the records, a certain resistance to being constantly connected is starting to crop up.

Trends Report 2019 – Ch. 3: Evolving business models

Following the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, companies must now gain—or regain—and cultivate consumers’ trust. Does your company engage consumers directly? The protection of personal information and privacy is more important than ever in gaining an edge over your competition.

Trends Report 2019 – Ch. 4: Markets and competition

While the majors compete by increasing consolidation in the media and entertainment sector, opportunities are arising for content companies in markets that are traditionally less familiar with audiovisual production and where there is a growing need for interactive experiences. This new type of collaboration is particularly promising in the education and out-of-home entertainment sectors.

Trends Report 2018 – Future Shock is Now

As content creators, producers, or broadcasters, how do we remain realistic, critical, vigilant, and confident that we will continue to have a viable role to play in the globalized content market?

Adjust Your Thinking – The New Realities of Competing in the...

Based on interviews with industry actors in Canada and elsewhere on the planet, this report examines the global media market and analyzes key themes for Canadian producers.

Your Market Is Everywhere – China

A look at the opportunities available in China to Canadian companies in the audiovisual sector.